I'm not a player, I just date a lot.

Generally when a new year starts I fast; from food, social media, alcohol amongst a few other things. This year is a little different, I'm on what we have pinned a "Man Fast".  Listen! I rather not eat for forty days and forty nights in the wilderness with sandals and a bed sheet on.  Because this is hard for me!!!

I want to make it perfectly clear....  "I'm not a player, I just date a lot".  If I am single and a man claims that he is single (or not so single) and he just so happens to want to take me to eat, well he had me at eat.

I date.  Not alot, well enough to where I never buy groceries but that's not the point here.  I know the "new thing" is that we don't date unless we are trying to build a relationship or whatever.  I agree that probably is the end goal. However, I also think we have lost the art of conversation and the simple ideology of "getting to know someone".   So I date. I have gained some very good friends from these dates, which doesn't always work in my favor because once he realizes he is in the friend zone he doesn't always want to pay but thats also not the point here.

The point is it's February and I'm on a "Man Fast", which means I won't have a Valentine!!! I've never not had a Valentine.  My first Valentine was in 3rd grade when Brad Allen gave me a chocolate heart and a Valentine card. Not the Valentine card that came in the box that everyone got, nope, I had a special one.  I turn 40 this year and 2nd grade is the last time I can remember NOT having a Valentine. I like gifts. I don't know how to feel about this.  I think I may be going through withdrawals but I can't break this fast. Well, not unless my 6 ft tall (at least), chocolate, with a full beard, God fearing husband finds me.  Then I have to listen to God. I can't be disobedient.  I am going to try this thing I hear single women talk about, "date yourself".  I don't quite know how that works but I guess that means go to dinner and stuff alone.   Yeah, this is going to be hard. So this month, I am asking all my prayer warriors to add me to your spiritual priorities and pray for me during this season of my life. And I will keep you updated on how this "Man Fast" is going. But I don't want the men to count me out just yet.... LOL! This too shall pass!!! To the Moon! -Danielle LaVon

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