Maintaining a relationship in 2017 is already difficult enough. When travel is added to the equation, it increases ones chances of a crash and burn exponentially.  In planning a baecation; the question shouldn’t be “where” do you want to go, but rather what would you like to do. From the compromising to the unplanned mishaps that are sure to happen; you will truly learn how your mate operates outside their comfort zone.  I have arranged 3 trips, ranging in degree of difficulty, which is sure to give your romantic juices an extra boost.

Level 2:

If a mixture of romance and fine arts is what you desire, hop over the pond to Paris, France. Affectionately known as the city of love, it has iconic figures that have been around for centuries. From baguettes to crepes, you are sure to encounter a gastronomic delight at every meal. For the shopaholics, Champs Elysees is sure to give you a miscellany like you’ve never seen. At some point, you must make a quick trip to the city of Versailles and see some real relations goals as you learn about the temple of love in the garden of Versailles. When you’re tired of all the walking that Versailles has to offer, end your day with champagne and cheese in the Parc du Champ de Mars as you watch the lights from the Eiffel Tower illuminate the love in your lover’s eyes. 

For those who want to sprinkle their rendezvous with a little adventure, the Catacombs, which holds the remains of more than six million people, will surely give you a downright bone chilling experience.

Level 3:

However, if Paris isn’t fast enough for you, then maybe Costa Rica is the place for you. With the year round average temperature hovering in the mid 70’s, Costa Rica is definitely the place to escape the cold. Here, unlike in Europe, the colón is sure to stretch your money further than you’d ever imagine.  Here, you’ll likely run into Toucan Sam and some of his many friends, as Costa Rica’s neotropical climate is home to over 500,000 species.

Once you land, you can either have your driver pick you up, or you can rent your own car. However, be sure at least one of you knows how to drive a manual shift, otherwise you may be stranded….literally. From feeding crocodiles on the side of the road, to horseback riding on the black beach while playing hopscotch with the newly hatched turtles, Costa Rica is sure to amplify your need for adventure. Oh! And on your way out; as soon as you past airport security, don’t forget to pick up the beloved Hennessey white. It’s one of the cheaper places to purchase it.

Level 5:

Lastly, but surely not the least, for those who prefer to go big, Cuba could be the place for you. With newly restored diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba; 2016 brought a huge spike in tourism to the Sugar Bowl of the world. Positioned just 90 miles away from Key West, Florida, those of you who aren’t ready to take the long haul; this may be for you. However, I must warn you – you will truly be cut off from the 21st century. Although, as soon as you land, you will be deeply immersed with the Afrocuban culture filled with music, dance, and cigars; this is also a land where no American currency or credit cards work, and cellular reception is spotty at best. There, one literally has to pay to login. There will be no real time updates to friends and definitely no geo tagging.  However if you consider yourself a true antique car enthusiast; prepare to have the ultimate orgasm. Because of the long standing embargo the United States had against Cuba; there was absolutely no trade. As a result, Cuba is home to thousands of classic cars running in pristine condition.

With a little bit of effort, any couple can plan the ultimate trip. Wherever you decide to go, take this ultimate team building exercise and pass it with flying colors. Make sure the location is something that you both would enjoy and schedule various activities that you both will appreciate. And most importantly, be sure to always have snacks on you. Hangerism is real!

And if you so happen to be alone. Just know that there is not one place in this world that isn’t equipped to handle a solo traveler!

Fear doesn’t stop death. It stops life!  

Wheels Up!!


Kernesha currently lives in Birmingham, Alabama.  She works in the medical field, but finds a way to travel whenever she can.


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