Awhile ago a male friend of mine complimented me on my blog posts.  He then admitted to me that he writes for recreation and as an avenue to release his thoughts, but he never thought about publishing any.  I told him that if he ever wanted to publish he could do it anonymously through my account. So last week I received this email.....

So here is his 1st post.... Hope you enjoy!


An older female once told me that she would never have to worry about her man cheating on her because she will always give him more than he can handle.  As a youngster, I laughed and called her crazy/silly.  But now as an adult, I vividly remember her seriousness when she said it.  Now I feel that statement!  In other words, if he does step out, it will not be because she is not “dropping” it at home.

In my mind, this let me know how important it is for a boyfriend/husband to be intimately satisfied at home.  Then I started to think about my own situation.  I’ve cheated.  I have a very attractive wife, who is a great parent to our two kids, but she does not “drop” it at home.  Thinking back to that wise older female mentioned earlier… Is this why I cheat?



I was reared to be a real man, therefore I do manly things, but I also have manly needs!  I pay all the bills, keep the house exterior flawless, maintenance the required fix-ups, raise my son (hands-on) to be a man, and also compliment my beautiful companion on how good she looks from the early morning crusty eyes…


to the late night Michael Myers beautification mask.


What I want in return is a little action, just a little bend of the back on occasion.  Maybe some fellas do not handle their shit in a grown man manner, but I fell I definitely do.  So I think I do more than enough to deserve a little action.  Perhaps I am under-appreciated.   Is this why I cheat?


It may be because she is not attracted to me physically.  But wait… I’m 6’3” and 230 pounds.  I go to the gym 3-4 times a week to make sure my body stays tight.  (I have heard that I look damn good naked)  I am fairly handsome; so I’ve heard. And oh yeah my “man’ is nice size.  Actually more than nice!  Probably should have went into porn! LOL!  So it cannot be the physical aspect.  Hey what about the mental connection?  Both of us are intelligent, well spoken, nicely dressed and groomed and love to talk about randomness.  Why is our communication not as good as it should be?


Because of the physical stalemate that I admit I can’t figure out, our mental connection is suffering because of it.  That’s it….Communication!  Maybe this is why I cheat!


Oh I know!  She says we don’t get intimate because I don’t come-on to her.  I just want to fuck it and leave it.  Answer this ladies:  I kiss her back, feet, toes, undercup of breasts, nipples, massages back, butt, attempt to passionately kiss her, eat the STRESS out of her pussy, and talk to her while telling and asking what is next!  Is that not foreplay? Or is that too much play?  After all these years, I can count the amount of times on my fingers (forget the thumbs) of how many times she has attempted to entice me.  As a man, if I keep trying to go down one path and there is a wall, naturally I will try to knock it down. However, I will only try so many times before I find another route.  So yes I will get in a mood, perhaps one of the two times we get intimate in 6 months, that I just want to hit it and quit it.  Reason being is that without a kiss, oral sex, or anything of the sort… It feels almost like I am fucking a prostitute or something.


I know that if I did pay a Tute for “Love you long time” then there would not be any of the above… Period! Absolutely no foreplay!  Fuck and get up.  But that is what is going on anyways right?  That has to be why I cheat right?



Gas stations, my children’s schools, work, traffic lights, bars, sporting events, and damn near anywhere else; women almost plead for the chance to compliment brothers that they can smell are in need of it.  A compliment leads to convo, which turns to chance, which transforms to opportunity.  Remember that wise older female?  Well she also said that whatever one person won’t do, another is more than willing.  (I know this goes both ways, but remember MORE THAN ENOUGH)  Everything missing at home is being provided by this opportunistic woman I’ll call Jane Doe.  She is dying to entice, listen, and just enjoy the moment!  OUR MOMENT!  I tried to beat that same wall down, so finally I had to take another route.  Funny because as soon as I turned around, Jane Doe opened a “side door” and let me right in.  What Would You Do?  As bad as it sounds, I cheated. In essence ladies if he is doing his part (and trust me… I know several of us are not) then you must do your part. Believe it or not, men do things we do not want to do all the time, just to keep our mate happy.  With that being said, sometimes you should too, even if it is just bending your back or “dropping” it. But wait…. You may be “dropping” it, just somewhere else! DAMN