Hello…. My name is Dee and I’m addicted to Reality TV.  Yep, I must admit I watch some of the “wives” television shows and one of my favorites is “Love and Hip Hop”.  I know, I know, they exploit women, are full of drama are probably scripted but they are kind of like those magazines at the grocery store check-out counter, you know they are ridiculous and you shouldn’t believe them but for some reason you pick them up and scan through it anyway                                        

The 2nd season of Love & Hip Hop aired last night, and it started off with a BANG!!! The most talked about part of the episode was when Chrissy knocked the shit out of newcomer Kimbella.  There were arguments about whether it was Chrissy’s battle, since the fight began because Kimbella admitted that she had been “dating” (and I use that word loosely) Emily’s “man” (and I use that word even more loosely than the prior).  But whether we know the plot of the show or not, I could relate to so much of it. Yeah, I admit I have been Chrissy.                                                

Ok, Ladies we all have that ONE friend that is ride or die, if she calls you after midnight you jump up and answer the phone while putting your shoes on because you know it’s a “BITCH!!!” call. Oh don’t act like you don’t know what a “BITCH” call is…. It’s when you answer your phone and you friend is on the other end….

You: “Hello?”

Her: “Bitch!!! I’m ‘bout to go to jail!!!”

This conversation is usually continued with you getting out of your bed, putting on your all black, your favorite pair of J’s and grabbing the car keys, because you know it’s about to go down. (Wait… so that’s just me?! Oh… ) Welp... Yeah I’ve been Chrissy and I know some Chrissy’s too! 

Me and My BEST friend Melanie are the epitome of“ride or die”… You think Chrissy fought Kimbella… You aint seen NOTHING!!! From late night rides with ALL of Ruth’s knives in the car, to riding with AK’s in the back seat of the Chevy, breaking bullet proof glass, jumping across tables in the club, busting the windows out of cars, slashing tires and who can forget the night in Lithonia!?! Sometimes I have to sit back and laugh, then get on my knees and thank the Lord that we aren’t 1.) Dead and 2.) in prison.  Just looking at the two of us you would think we were perfect angels. (adjusts halo)                                                                                                                 

Now personally I think there is a little more to why Chrissy got so upset about the Kimbella situation but I’m sure that will come out during the season.  But I can admit that me and Mel have had our fair share of “Chrissy moments” sometimes I was Chrissy sometimes she was Chrissy however, we had just cause, well in that heated moment we felt we had just cause.

See I know many are saying that wasn't Chrissy’s battle but she’s a woman, she’s emotional and she has been there for Emily while she was going through everything and she knew her friend was vulnerable and she knows her friends weaknesses.  I mean think about it, Emily claims to have been in a 9 year relationship with a man and we have NEVER heard of this woman until the show. How strong can she really be? 

Sometimes as women we take on problems of the world, even when we have our own problems that we aren’t dealing with.  Chrissy is obviously having relationship issues of her own however; she took on her friends fight.  I know it sounds crazy, but that’s just what women do.  Throughout the years whenever Mel was hurting or with some man that wasn’t doing her right I wanted to fight him.  I mean there was one that I actually thought about putting a hit on. It pisses me off to the highest level of pisstivity (I’m positive that’s not a word) for someone to disrespect or belittle her, especially when I know she deeply cares for them.  And YES I will fight for her, well I’m older so I will shoot now. 

Now with that being said, since I am older I TRY not to do the things I did in my 20’s, but as women we sometimes allow our emotions to outweigh our intelligence.  No I do not condone the stomp down that Chrissy gave Kimbella but I do understand why she did it. Emily now needs to deal with what has been discovered, and Chrissy needs to go into her glass house and block all of the stones being thrown at her. You see it’s very easy to give advice, and fight for someone else, but every now and then you have to make sure that people are willing to fight for you.  As women we have to learn how to not only love, protect and fight for the ones we love, but to also love, protect and fight for ourselves. 

It’s our motherly nature to want to protect our loved ones, and keep them from dealing with things that will hurt them, and as hard as it may seem to do, we have to realize it’s not our battle.  As someone once told me, we have to leave those “ride or die” chick tactics in the past and practice being “pray and live” chicks.