Sunday night BET aired, for the second year, Black Girls Rock! I made sure Ari tuned in for this show because I thought it was important for her to see some women who “rock”.  Now I’m a Twitter junkie, I watch shows with my followers and we do commentary on fashion, stage presence and performance (I think we’re harder on performers than Simon Cowell!) and I saw a variety of Tweets. Some decided not to watch, some said it made it seem like Black women were inferior, some said “white girls rock too!”, while othersdid the usual satirical comments they are known for. However, I saw a plethora of Tweets from women who seemed to be bursting with pride. 

I don’t know about you but I haven’t always felt like I “rocked”. There have been times I felt confused, unenthusiastic, ugly, awkward, useless, stuck, inferior and just plain not good enough.  I think we all have.  I think we have all gone through a stage of uncertainty, where you just didn’t feel like what you were doing was good enough.  A stage where you weren’t sure what your purpose was. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that we rock! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you are all out of fucks to give huh? You don’t care what nobody has to say about you because ONLY God can judge you…. Yeah I know *side eyes* But we’re human, and we all seek some type of validation from someone. 

Taraji P. Henson said her father told her, “You are who you hang around.  If you want to see change in your life get from ‘round those with the same problems and get with those that have the solutions.” Those words were very powerful to me.  You see before I moved to GA to attend the illustrious Clark Atlanta University, I hung with a lot of people who had my same "problems”.  Then as I changed environments I met so many women who seemed to have the “solutions”.  Now they weren’t perfect because we all have different journeys but their journeys, dreams, goals, even their walk was different.  Yes BET honored some women on the show who are celebrity household names, but they also recognized some ordinary women who rock as well.

I think that was BET’s intent when making the show. Yes we all know Black women; women in general, have made great strides in all arenas of life.  And although some of us see these examples daily there are MILLIONS of girls who don’t see that and who don’t think they rock! They aren’t in the right environment, they are looking in the wrong places, or they just need a little guidance.  I have a Mom who ROCKS! She didn’t always know she rocked though. She raised me and my brother alone (and I promise I was HANDFUL!) and she struggled. I watched her work hard, feel like she couldn’t get ahead, have her heart broken by men and me (Sorry Ma) maybe she just needed someone to tell her she rocked! So Ma….. *in my Regina King voice* You’re an EXTRAORDINARY woman…and YOU ROCK!

Ari recently turned 13, and I see her maturing into a teenager (Lawd help me!). She now worries about fashion, hair and things that she didn’t care about before. I hope I can show her that she rocks! I hope that I can help her understand that she may not fit the mold of everyone’s depiction of beauty, but she still ROCKS!  I hope I can show her that she doesn’t have to seek the attention of a male to be loved.  I PRAY I can show her that. I work HARD to show her that.  My God Mother, Dr. Sherrell Price, she takes in all us light skinned single mothers and helps us get through school (lol)….Sherrie… you ROCK!  My Bigmama and my Nanny who have raised generations… oh they DEFINITELY ROCK!  I have MILLIONS of sorors that ROCK! I have 28 linesisters that are mothers, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, businesswomen, wives, best friends, confidants, political spokeswomen, fashionistas…. YES! My Linesisters are better than YOURS and they ALL ROCK! I have also been blessed with close friends that ROCK!

As the week progresses and I wonder what I am going to write next, I come up with so many different ideas sometimes it’s hard for me to decide. Sometimes I fear people will think I'm crazy or they will judge me but since I have been writing on this site I have gotten alot of positive feedback (oh yeah I got some bad reviews too *shrugs*), it made me feel like…“Yeah Dee you ROCK!” *giggles* Just like so many of the women I know who ROCK! …. Just ordinary women who get up every morning and go to work and do what they are “supposed” to do, ordinary women who worry about wrinkles, stretch marks and pudgy stomachs. Ordinary women who raise children, support political efforts, and do continuous community service.  And although I look at them and say to myself“Man she rocks!” sometimes it just feels good to hear someone tell you.  Sometimes it just makes you feel good to know in ALL that you do, someone notices.  I don’t think BET was trying to say Black women are the only women that Rock! I just think they saw a need to show little Black girls positive images of themselves. So maybe through the hustle and bustle of your day, when you look at your little girls, wives, students, mentees, mothers, grandmothers or ANY woman, be she Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Mulatto *giggles* that we let her know that she ROCKS! You just never know how much that will mean to her.

I’m Dee….. and I’m a “mixed” girl that ROCKS!