I have a habit of talking on my cell phone, while walking aimlessly around my house in a panic looking for it.  At least 3 times a day I walk in a room and forget why I needed to come into that room.  If I call you and you don’t answer the phone, when you call back I won’t remember what I wanted.  Every night before I go to bed I write out these cute to-do-lists then the next day, when I wake up to 46 text messages and my phone rings unexpectedly, I lose track of time.

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I have been writing notes to myself on sticky notes way before Gabrielle was Being Mary Jane.  I used to write things on my mirror in cheap red lipstick that I bought from the Dollar Store until Ari showed me that dry erase markers worked better.  I have kept pocket calendars and a Diary for as long as I can remember, because I forget a lot.  However, I can remember every lie a man ever told me, books I read in the 3rd grade and the first “Will you go with me?” letter I received in Ms. Collins class when I attended Central Park Elementary school.  I don’t know if it’s selective memory or not, all I know is I need help. In the beginning everything that I wrote was sentimental.  I would write down the first time a boy I liked called me, or when I met someone.  I even have friends that relied on me to know when they got pregnant.

Friend: Dee I missed my period.  When did me and _____ go to the movies?

Me: (while looking through calendar) March 7th.


I am a visual learner.  I have to see, read or write for clear understanding. This is why using a planner is easy for me.  Although it seems like a novel idea that will help you become this incredibly organized person, it may not be the best solution for you.

The Priority Planner started Monday, December 26, 2016 and I decided that there was no way that I was going to sell a product and not actually use it.  So I sat down and started getting my priorities in order.

I was asked to give instructions on how to use the Priority Planner.  I thought to myself, that’s easy, but then I sat down to get my priorities together and I felt a tad bit of anxiety.  If you have never used a planner before then you may not know where to start.  It may also feel overwhelming to see all of the questions and exercises.  It’s definitely a process.  I had to put some serious thought into completing the steps myself and I created the planner!

So here are some tips for starting your Priority Planner and making it work for you:



Ok so if you don’t know me personally you may look at me and think I have it all together.  I don’t.  Did you not hear me confess that I am usually walking around aimlessly in a panic!? I have literally been on the phone with someone and said, “I cant find my phone?” The person on the phone actually asked me “Do you want me to call it?”  We are all a little lost, there is no shame in that.  Just be honest with yourself, even if you are trying to fool people most of the time.  Ask yourself a serious question, “WHAT DO I NEED TO WORK ON?” And write it down, this is YOUR planner.  It’s to help YOU!


One of my top priorities is to change my diet, this will probably be the hardest priority for me.  I love fried chicken and bacon.  I love bacon with my fried chicken.  I love melted cheese on top of my bacon wrapped fried chicken with a side of ranch.  None of these things mentioned is on the “Most Healthy Foods for 2017” list and I am okay with this.  I told myself I was going to change my diet and give up pork.  Now let me explain something, when I think if giving up pork I don’t consider bacon pork.  (Just follow me for a minute, I promise I’m going somewhere.)  Bacon, as a friend once explained to me, is a food group.  It’s absolutely delicious.  But I need to change my diet.  I also have travel on my priority list and I need to be fine for said trips.  I have to be realistic and admit that I may not drop bacon cold turkey but I can set boundaries and limitations. 


Sometimes we fail.  It’s a part of life.  We can make these wonderful plans in our amazing Priority Planner and it might not work the way we planned.  That’s okay. If you have a wonderful plan for January but it doesn’t quite go how you planned it when you get to February use the “January Month in Review” page to help figure out why it didn’t work.  Then start fresh.  Failure may be an option but it’s not the end.  Sometimes failure leads to beautiful beginnings.

Journal your thoughts!

The Plans, Dreams & Schemes area for each week is for you to journal your thoughts, ideas, plans, dreams and schemes! (Duh!) Use it as a journal or write down things before you forget them! (lol) Sketch out your plans.  Explain your feelings during this week or use it for a note section when you are in that important meeting.  I truly believe that journaling is good for your soul and the cheapest therapy available, and I'm cheap!  You don't have to keep all those thoughts in your head.  Sometimes seeing your thoughts on paper can help you to realize how amazing or ridiculous they are, either way it helps the process. 


Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate! If your plan didn’t work and you came up with a new plan… CELEBRATE! If you planned a wonderful business venture that worked out… CELEBRATE! If you didn’t eat bacon for a week… CELEBRATE!!! You MUST celebrate the little things. I know all of you reading this never sleep because you are grinding so hard, but take a little time out of your grind to CELEBRATE! Acknowledging that you need something to help you get your priorities in order is cause for CELEBRATION!!!

I hope this helps if you were wondering where to start. It is my dream that this planner is a catalyst to an AH-Mazingly productive year for you.

If you have the Priority Planner and have not yet completed the survey please do so now. I welcome all constructive criticism.  I want to make the Priority Planner better each year.

Complete the survey here!







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