I owe more in student loans than 51% of Americans will make in the next six years.  I went to college to be a teacher.  I actually have more in student loans than most teachers will make in the next five years, but I’m not here to preach.  When I decided to go into education I knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that I would not become a millionaire in this profession.  I wanted to help lost, “fass tail” girls, like I used to be.  I wanted to save the world.  When you’re saving the world the reward is worth way more than the monetary gains; or so I tried to convince myself.  I often found myself finding side hustles to make extra money.  I won’t go into detail of these hustles, just know every day I was hustling.

student loan.jpeg

My mom is super organized.  When we were growing up she was borderline OCD.  If we moved a picture frame on the table she would come home from work and want to know who in the world had been playing in her living room knocking over her pictures.  We so often get older and become our parents (deep sigh).

I was thrown into the business world, abruptly, without any warning.  But it actually worked for me.  The girl who graded papers for her math teacher so she wouldn’t have to actually do her math in high school, started working with numbers.  I think the side hustles also helped me with numbers as well (smiles).  Before I knew it I had begun helping people, who in one month made more than I owed in student loans, manage their businesses.  The irony.

In May, 2016 I quit my job.  I was SCARED. TO. DEATH!!! I actually hyperventilated right after I turned in my resignation letter.  Then I said to myself, “Dee!” (That’s what I call myself when I’m talking to myself.) “Girl you got this! You’re supposed to be doing something more.”

When I first started working for my self, I didn't do much work.  It just felt good to not have to clock in every morning at 8:00, or HAVE to go by a schedule.  Then one day, while cleaning, I looked at Ari’s mirror and saw those words:  “Priorities.  What are you working for?” and I said “Dee, you gotta get your priorities in order!”

I’m a writer, so I like to write things down.  I usually set reminders of important dates & appointments in my phone, but my plans, dreams & schemes; I write them in the 1,913 notebooks and journals that I own.  This year alone, I have bought several planners to help me prioritize but none of them have included everything I needed or wanted. 

Then one day I decided to create a planner to help me get my priorities in order.  As I talked to others (especially women) I realized “Women Love Planners”. So I did a survey, worked with a few friends/sorors and as we used to say back in my day, “Whomp here it is!”


The Priority Planner

  • 5 ½ x 8 ½
  • Spiral bound
  • Hard cover for durability
  • Budget Planning
  • Monthly and Weekly views
  • Monthly priority and goal planning
  • Weekly priority lists
  • Plans, Dreams & Schemes pages
  •  Motivational quotes and Scriptures

PREORDERS begin TODAY and end December 4th.  Planners will ship before Christmas so that you can start your New Year Planning.

20% of the proceeds from every planner will go to the D’Aris Love Foundation, to support the Ariyanna D. Benjamin Scholarship Fund.

Click here to order yours today!